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You would not buy shoes without trying them on, so why would you risk in your future product without researching its success potential?


We advocate that UX Research is a critical activity in the design process of any digital product or service. It includes a set of techniques, procedures, and insights aimed at understanding users’ needs, behaviors, experiences, and motivations.


With UX testing, a product owner will gain actionable insights to enhance user satisfaction, streamline functionality, and ultimately grant product success.

A 10% investment of the project budget in UX research limits the risk of the product failure

Whether your project budget is 10K, 100K, or 10M, failure due to not meeting user needs is a preventable loss
UX research, whether it’s existing data analysis or a full-blown extensive interview campaign, is strongly advised. Research results guide your future decisions and ensure successful product adoption.

Invest in UX research services

Starter Package

For startups and small businesses needing fundamental answers


  • Existing scientific research summary
of the industry
  • Existing and available data analysis
  • Insights into user needs, pain points, and preferences
  • Recommendations for enhancing
user satisfaction and interaction
  • Key UX findings summary

10 000 EUR

Optimum Package

Targeted at medium-sized businesses aiming to significantly refine their user experience


  • Up to 15 segmented user interviews
  • Prototype testing feedback
  • Quantitative towards masses oriented questionnaires
  • Advanced data analytics report
  • User personas based on segmentation
  • Insights on specific features or design elements

10 000 EUR

Starter Package

Designed for large businesses where a deep understanding of the user experiencen is critical to success


  • Starting 20 segmented user interviews

  • Interactive prototype testing

  • Intensive field research report

  • Detailed behavioral analytics findings

  • Advanced methodologies results (eye-tracking studies, heat map analysis)
    Data science, data model development

  • Data driven user profiles

30 000 EUR


We’ll demonstrate how UX research can guideyour product decisions to effectively reachyour target audience

Advantages and Benefits of UX Testing

UX research is secret weapon for making smart, Data-Driven Decisions. It’s like having a crystal ball that reveals what your users really want and need. Instead of guessing or going with your gut, you’ll have hard numbers and real-world insights guiding your product strategy.

UX testing shows the likelihood and manner in which potential users embrace your product. It’s crucial for aligning with their mental models, guiding them seamlessly. Knowing user needs and preferences not only boosts adoption but also elevates satisfaction and fulfils their expectations.

Tapping into the vital knowledge of user needs and preferences guides decisions that elevate satisfaction and boost adoption rates. The secret lies in creating a product that surpasses user mental models, offering more than what the market typically provides. This approach intensifies engagement and establishes your product as the market’s premier solution

By studying competitors, we see what works and what doesn’t. With this knowledge, we help you to make a product that pops out, offering users a better experience. This is how we help you outperform competitors and win your users over.

UX reseach services

from Creative Data Studio

At Creative Data Studio, we blend science and creativity in our UX research to offer you informed insights.

Our team, a mix of PhD candidates, scholars, and seasoned UX experts, dives deep to understand your users. Using detailed user tests, surveys, and interviews, we thoroughly uncover your audience’s needs, desires, and challenges.

Insight Mining to uncover your user behavior, needs and expecations

Methodical Insight Mining delves beyond basic UX research, uncovering deep insights into user behavior, needs, and desires. We systematically go through vast data, using user testing and advanced methods, to pinpoint trends and patterns that illuminate the fullest understanding of your audience.

Calculated Confidence with Data-Driven Decisions

Dive deeper with our approach, central to which is the fusion of UX research with scientific and proven methodologies. Our data scientists harness this synergy to deliver precise insights, guaranteeing that every decision you make is both well-informed and supported by solid data.

Reduce project risks

With our scientific and academic perspective, we conduct thorough research and analysis to identify potential issues and challenges early on. By proactively addressing these risks, we help our clients mitigate costly redesigns, product failures, or negative user experiences after launch

Delivering Design Excellence as defined by users

Don’t just meet the standard—exceed it. With our user-focused strategy, experience the transformative power of truly understanding your audience. By weaving their feedback, desires, and needs into your product, you become a market standout.

Competitive Insight Discovery for Saturated Markets

We spot emerging patterns and best practices in the industry. By keeping a step ahead, we guide you in integrating standout UI/UX elements, helping you capture your audience and outshine competitors. Rely on our analysis to gain a competitive edge in saturated markets.

Steps to achieve results from the UX research Services

To achieve our UX Research Services, we follow a systematic approach that combines scientific methodology, user-centered insights, creativity and actionable recommendations.
We do that by employing a wide range of research techniques, including user testing, surveys, and expert evaluations, we gather valuable data to inform product strategy, design, and development.

Defining Objectives

We collaborate with our clients to understand their desired outcomes for UX research, guiding us in determining the data to collect and the methods to employ.

Identifying Users

We gather data from various sources, including scientific databases, user interviews, surveys, usability tests, website analytics, and market research, to gain comprehensive insights.

Insight Mining

Our team methodically analyzes the collected data to extrapolate valuable insights about user behavior, mental models, desires, preferences, and needs.

Competitive Analysis

We analyze competitor products or services to understand their strengths, weaknesses and UX/UI/CX approach, informing our clients of a competitive edge.

Prototype Design

Based on the insights gained, we collaboratively create hypothesis driven prototypes that prioritize a user-centric approach to design.


We conduct usability, preference, attitude, flow tests and many more on the prototypes and other artefacts to identify and address design flaws early, reducing project risks.

Accessibility Audit

We review the design for accessibility, ensuring greater societal inclusion in the product design process.


Together with developers, we implement the decisions derived from the insights obtained, translating them into tangible design and development actions.


After implementation, we evaluate the outcomes and compare them against the defined objectives, ensuring alignment and effectiveness.


We continuously refine the design based on feedback and evaluation results, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and refinement.

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Overcoming Shortcomings in UX Research: Strategies for Effective Solutions

While UX research can be influenced by various biases – such as confirmation bias, user self-reporting inaccuracies, and even designer assumptions – we actively recognize and address these pitfalls. By understanding and combating these biases, we pride ourselves on delivering the most unbiased test results possible.

Sampling bias occurs when the sample of users doesn’t represent the entire user base. This can lead to research that fails to reflect the needs and behaviors of all users. To avoid this, the aim is for diversity in user pool, striving for a representative sample that mirrors your user base demographics.
An over-reliance on either quantitative or qualitative data results in a misleading perspective. Each type of data has its strengths and weaknesses. Balancing both types in your research, quantitative ones like analytics and surveys, and qualitative ones like interviews and observations, gives a well-rounded view.
Conducting research solely at the beginning of a project or at irregular intervals limits its effectiveness. Regularly engaging in research activities allows to capture user feedback, adapt to evolving user needs, and make informed decisions that align with the dynamic nature of a project.
Focusing exclusively on one product limits awareness of competitors’ strengths. To avoid this, integrating competitive analysis into UX research is essential for obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape.
The limited scope is a common shortcoming where UX research focus too narrowly on specific aspects of the user experience. To avoid overlooking other critical areas, we make sure your research questions cover all aspects of the user journey.
Data misinterpretation is a challenge in UX research. To address this is we encourage collaboration among team members during data analysis. By engaging multiple members, findings can be cross-verified, and diverse perspectives can be integrated, minimizing potential bias and misinterpretation.

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