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The significance of User Experience (UX) aspects in the design of software products

Alberts Pumpurs In today’s digital landscape, where technology is constantly evolving, user experience (UX) is an essential factor for the

Social Networking Features Are Essential for Your Product: Here Is How to Unlock Them

Alberts Pumpurs Exactly How Do Social Networking Features Benefit Your Product or Service? Social networking features are a valuable asset

A half-built rocket
won’t take you to the Moon

Alberts Pumpurs In his famous 1962 speech, JFK declared the ambition to go to the Moon “not because it was

Beyond Pretty Slides: Why Consultancy Presentations Lack Practicality Implementation and What to do About it

Gundars kokins As a client have you ever found yourself looking at a PowerPoint presentation created by an expensive consultancy

CDS way of working. When One Size Doesn’t Fit All: A Different Approach to Consulting

UX/CX PHD Alberts Pumpurs When One Size Doesn't Fit All - we lean on evidence-backed methods and live by eight

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