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User Journey Mapping is an excellent visualization of the process showing what user goes through to accomplish a goal within your product or service.


It’s a story of the user’s experience, from initial contact, through the process of engagement, and into a long-term relationship.


The benefits of User Journey Mapping in the field of UX are immense. It allows to understand users’ needs, pain points, and the context in which they use your product. This results in an empathetic design, which can greatly enhance user satisfaction and ultimately lead to business growth.

Having a user journey results in 18x faster average sales cycle1

We create user journeys to increase the overall user experience as its proven that increased user experience leads to loyalty and that leads to growing sales.
A Salesforce survey found that 67% of marketing leaders say creating a connected customer journey across all touchpoints and channels is critical to the success of their overall marketing strategy. But only 23% of marketers are ‘extremely satisfied’ with their ability to leverage customer data to create relevant experiences.

Top 10 Customer journey map layers

User or customer goals


Experience graph




Ideas and opportunities


Problems and barriers




Process and channels


User or customer expectations




Images, interface, screenshots


Cost of user journey Map

The starting cost for UX journey mapping development starts at 8000 Euros

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Benefits of UX journey mapping

Mapping the user journey is a valuable method for understanding user behavior, allowing businesses to map insights into how users interact with their products or services. This practice is instrumental in helping businesses align their offerings more closely with user needs and expectations.

When it comes to identifying pain points, user journey mapping stands as an effective tool. It helps uncover process related obstacles or frustrations users encounter when using a product or service. With these insights, businesses can take steps to improve the user experience and eliminate issues causing dissatisfaction.

Improving user engagement is another significant benefit of user journey mapping. When businesses visualize the user journey, they can see opportunities to enhance engagement, be it through introducing new features or functionality, optimizing the user interface, or tailoring content to better meet user needs.

User journey maps are valuable resource for making strategic decisions. With a comprehensive understanding of the user journey, businesses are equipped to make more informed decisions about product development, marketing strategies, and customer service initiatives.

User journey mapping services

from Creative Data Studio

Our user journey mapping services are designed to inform strategic decision-making.

We understand businesses seek customer-centric processes that drive ROI, and we can pinpoint where and how to achieve it

We help you to create a user experience that not only meets but exceeds user expectations.


Mapping the current journey to evaluate UX as it stands

Ccreating a detailed map of current user interactions with your product or service. In doing so, we spot existing challenges and uncover areas for potential enhancements. This thorough assessment of the ‘as is’ situation lays the groundwork for future UX improvement initiatives.

Mapping future journeys to guide your product's direction

We craft an ideal future journey, providing a strategic roadmap that points towards the future direction of your product. It’s a forward-thinking approach that anticipates user needs and aligns with business goals for a more effective and engaging user experience.

Mapping competitors' journeys to evaluate their strategies.

This speculative map becomes an invaluable tool when considering entrance into new markets or the development of innovative solutions. By understanding the potential challenges and opportunities in the landscape, you can position your upcoming product or service competitively from the very beginning.

Persona-Based Journey Mapping

This specialized approach guarantees that the distinctive requirements and experiences of all user categories are taken into consideration when designing your product or service. By doing so, we can help you craft a well-rounded and personalized user experience that truly resonates with your diverse user base.

Omnichannel Journey Mapping

Our Omnichannel Journey Mapping is vast and complex service that focuses on charting the user journey across a multitude of channels, whether it’s online, mobile, in-store, or customer service. This comprehensive approach offers a panoramic view of the user experience, highlighting how users interact with your brand across different platforms.

Steps to achieve results from the User Journey Mapping services

User Journey Mapping is a tool to streamline and improve user experiences. By visualizing user interactions with a product, it highlights pain points, delights, and areas for growth
When leveraged effectively, this mapping can drive more user-centric innovations, streamline processes, and ultimately contribute to a product or service that is talked about within its intended audience.
It’s not just about plotting a journey; it’s about crafting a narrative that places the user at the heart of every decision.”

Identify Objectives

To begin, we clarify the goals of the journey mapping exercise. This might involve understanding user behaviors, identifying pain points, or informing strategic decisions

Define User Personas

Next, we create or refine user personas, focusing on understanding their needs, wants, and behaviors. These personas serve as the foundation for our journey maps.

Map Current State

We then map out the current state of the user’s journey. This involves understanding how users interact with your product or service right now, identifying pain points, and highlighting opportunities for improvement.

Envision Future State

Once we have a clear understanding of the current state, we start envisioning the future state. We use user feedback and business objectives to create a map that represents an ideal journey for your users.

Analyze and Implement

With both current and future state maps in hand, we analyze the differences and devise a strategy to transition from the current to the future state. This involves implementing changes based on the insights gained from the maps.

Review and Refine

Finally, we review the effects of these changes and refine the journey maps as necessary. This is an iterative process that continues until we achieve the desired user experience.

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Overcoming Shortcomings in user journey maping: Strategies for generating insights

User journey mapping, while valuable, can face challenges such as insufficient user research, assumption-based mapping, static and outdated maps, lack of stakeholder alignment, overgeneralization, limited data availability, and ineffective implementation of insights derived from the maps.

Insufficient user research can result in inaccurate or incomplete user journey maps. By gathering real insights from your target users from available data or subject matter experts, you can create more accurate and representative journey maps that truly reflect their needs and behaviors.
Relying on assumptions about user behaviors and motivations without validation can lead to flawed journey maps. Validate assumptions by conducting user research and continuously update and refine your journey maps based on new insights that emerge.
User journey maps are most effective when key stakeholders are involved and aligned with the process. Neglecting to engage stakeholders, such as product managers, designers, and developers, can lead to a lack of understanding and implementation of the insights derived from the maps.
User journey maps should be dynamic and responsive to user feedback. Failing to collect and incorporate user feedback can result in outdated or ineffective maps. Establish feedback loops, conduct regular user testing, and monitor user behaviors to ensure your journey maps stay relevant and aligned with user needs.

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