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UX interviews – a structured conversations between a professionally trained researcher and a user where the researcher seeks to understand the user’s past experiences, needs, and perceptions related to a product, service, or system.


Our goal though interviews is to gain your users perspective, that would lead to insights that will inform and improve the design process, making the end product more effective, enjoyable, and suited to the core user base.


Through UX interviews, we bridge the gap between design intentions and user experiences. This allows us us to refine and tailor the design in a way that resonates with, and even suprises, the end user.

Just 5 UX interviews

can make a huge difference

It’s been found that interviewing just five users can uncover about 85% of usability problems. This is because user experiences tend to follow patterns, and after interviewing a handful of users, you start to hear the same comments repeated. Beyond a certain point, additional interviews provide diminishing returns.

You don’t need to conduct countless interviews, you do need to conduct enough to get a well-rounded view of user needs and experiences, and these should be spread across the different user groups that are relevant to your product or service.

Interview Samples & Diminishing Returns

Cost of UX interviews

The average cost for UX interviews starts at 300 Euros per user
For a tangible effect, a minimum of 5 users are required for each testing session

When was the last time you talked to your users We will help you to do it!

Benefits of UX interviews

UX interviews gives an opportunity hear users voice. They offer a chance to understand what drives user behavior, what they value, and what they hope to achieve by using your product or service. Gained knowledge guides your design process, enables the creation of features and experiences that resonate with these motivations.

Feedback obtained from users during UX interviews leads to the generation of new ideas. Users often share unique perspectives and insights that can challenge your product assumptions and open up innovative paths.

One of the key benefits of UX interviews is the ability to identify user pain points. These are issues or challenges that users may encounter with your product, causing frustration or abandonment of their journey. Once identified – issues can be addressed in your design process, significantly enhancing the overall user experience.

Through user interviews, we directly understand user needs, allowing products to be designed in an innovative and user-centric manner. In a saturated market, a product that stands out is often one informed by these interviews, ensuring a tailored experience that genuinely aligns with user expectations.

UX interview services

from Creative Data Studio

By interviewing users, we explore their motivations, needs, and challenges related to your product or industry.

This not only sparks improvement ideas but also builds team empathy, keeping user perspectives central to design.

User motive mining for meeting their expectations

User Motivation Exploration involves conducting in-depth interviews to understand the motivations and goals of users. This crucial insight guides the design process to better align with user needs and values.

Innovation with out of the box ideas generated by your users

Idea Generation is a process where we use UX interviews to gather user feedback. This approach can spark innovative ideas for product features or improvements, leading to solutions that already resonate with your users.

User motive mining for meeting their expectations

Building empathy through interviewing users and being present during these interviews helps the team hear opinions and feedback about their products directly from the main source. This exercise enhances their knowledge about users and, most importantly, fosters empathy towards users’ situations, lifestyles, and the problems they face.

Reporting and analysis

Reporting and Analysis is a service that provides a thorough analysis of the data collected from the interviews. It includes detailed reports that highlight key findings, memorable user quotes, and practical recommendations for design improvements.

Post interview followups

The interviews and insights gained are just part of the overall UX improvement journey. The insights obtained from interviews need to be implemented according to the gathered insights. We often assist clients in revisiting these interview insights and checking them against the changes implemented, providing evaluations in the process.

Steps to achieve insights from the UX interview Services

Our commitment to delivering high-quality results is rooted in every step of the UX interview process.
We will help you to gain valuable insights into your users’ experiences and empower you to make informed decisions for enhancing your product or service.

Defining Objectives

We begin by identifying the issues for analysis. We determine which user experience facets to explore, the insights you seek, and how they’ll influence future strategies.

Identifying Users

We identify key users and prioritize feedback we seek. This involves crafting user personas and understanding their desires and expectations with your product.

Plan the Interviews

Based on objectives and expected user insights, we plan UX interviews. This includes crafting questions, setting up scenarios, and structuring sessions to reveal true user behavior.

Competitive Analysis

We analyze competitor products or services to understand their strengths, weaknesses and UX/UI/CX approach, informing our clients of a competitive edge.

Recruit Interview Participants

We then recruit suitable participants for the interviews. These could be from your existing user base, target demographic, or even general public for broader user experience discussions.

Conduct the Interviews

Next, we conduct the UX interviews, often incorporating recording tools for detailed analysis. We attentively listen to the users’ experiences, feedback, and suggestions as they engage with your product.

Analyze Interview Results

Once the interviews are completed, we delve into analyzing the results, searching for trends and patterns in the responses that can shed light on the user experience.

Implement Necessary Adjustments

Using interview insights, we help refine your product. Changes can include feature redesigns, UI tweaks, or content and positioning adjustments.

Follow-up Interviews

After the interview changes are made, we suggest to conduct follow-up interviews to verify that the updates have resulted in improvements. We understand this is an iterative process, and we are prepared to repeat these steps until we achieve the desired level of user satisfaction.

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Overcoming Shortcomings in UX interviews

Critics of user interviews often argue that they are time-consuming, subject to bias, and offer limited scope due to their small participant size. The reliance on verbal feedback may not always align with actual behavior, the lack of quantitative data, the potential high costs, and the subjectivity in interpreting the results.

Ensuring interviews are conducted with a diverse set of users that represent the target audience is crucial. Different segments of users exhibit different behaviors and preferences. By including a broad range, data skewing can be prevented, and a richer understanding of the user base can be achieved.
Creating realistic interview scenarios that mimic the way users would typically use the product in real life is another key strategy. These scenarios generate insights that are applicable and valuable, providing a more accurate picture of the user experience.
Using a mix of quantitative methods like surveys and qualitative methods such as interviews and observation can significantly enhance the insights gathered. While quantitative data provides broad patterns and trends, qualitative data uncovers the ‘why’ behind those patterns.
User interviews are subject to various forms of bias. This includes the possibility that participants may not be fully honest or self-aware, which can lead to inaccurate or misleading feedback, as well as the potential for the interviewer’s own biases to impact the questioning and interpretation of responses.

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