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By auditing the user experience, we spot problems and by fixing them – boost customer loyalty. Additionally, this proactive approach ensures products remain relevant and meet evolving user expectations.


By investing in UX testing, you will receive the power of data-driven insights to optimise your product and eliminate potential risks of failure. Gain real and valuable feedback from real users, uncover hidden pain points, and make informed design decisions.


Uncovering issues with a UX audit leads to happier users and increased business KPIs. Results it provide valuable insights that can drive innovative solutions and set businesses apart from competitors

Problems in development stage are 10 times more expensive to fix than during design stage.

A UX audit, conducted during the design stage, identifies and addresses potential user experience issues early on.

This proactive approach ensures that problems are resolved before development begins, saving both time and costs associated with late-stage modifications.

Invest in UX audit services

Starter Package

For startups and small businesses needing fundamental answers


  • Usability Report with a detailed analysis of product usability
  • Heuristic Evaluation reviewing of the interface against usability principles
  • Insights into user needs, pain points, and preferences
  • User Flow Analysis as an examination of user journeys and product interactions

1000 EUR


Optimum Package

Targeted at medium-sized businesses aiming to significantly refine their user experience


  • User Research Insights, a deep study of users’ needs and preferences
  • UX Design Review offering evaluation and improvement suggestions for product design
  • User Testing Sessions gathering direct feedback and identify issues through user interaction
  • Comprehensive review and improvement recommendations for your product’s interactivity and response

10 000 EUR

Starter Package

Designed for large businesses where a deep understanding of the user experiencen is critical to success


  • Advanced User Journey Analytics with a detailed visualization of user journeys
  • Usability Testing that provides an extensive evaluation of product ease-of-use
  • UX Analytics and Metrics involving the setup of user behavior tracking
  • Expert Reviews and Strategy including a strategic roadmap for UX improvement

30 000 EUR


Reach out to us and we’ll demonstrate how UX audit can show current successes and failures of your product

Advantages and Benefits of UX Audit

Through a UX Audit, you gain insights into how users interact with your product, what works well, and what doesn’t. This gives you an informed decisions when improving or expanding your product.

A user-friendly product results in satisfied users who are more likely to achieve the intended goal. This is where a UX audit shines, highlighting areas for improvement.

Focusing on UX audit keeps you ahead of the curve by ensuring your product meets current usability standards and user expectations. It helps you keep up with evolving user trends and stay competitive in your industry.

A UX Audit highlights usability problems that are causing user frustration or sudden fall in user engagement. By addressing these issues, you can enhance user satisfaction and increase retention rates.

UX audit service

from Creative Data Studio

We bring a blend of scientific research experience, tons of research materials and creative thinking to our UX Audits.Our Ph.D. candidates are ready to help you navigate the complex landscape of user experience and steer your product towards success.

Heuristic Evaluation to identify exiting issues and improve experience

In this service, we assess your product against established many, many usability principles (heuristics). This type of audit helps identify common usability issues and provides quick, actionable feedback to improve your product’s user experience. Report details on what to fix, what to leave as is and what to drop off.

Competitive UX Analysis to discover improvements opportunities

It’s a research methodology we use in user experience design to evaluate and understand a exsting competitive landscape. This audit involves studying and analyzing competitor products to gain insights into what works for them, what could be improved on their failures, and how to differentiate your product from others in the market.

Expert Review to spot usability issues, assess user experience, and suggest enhancements

In this service, our UX experts evaluate your product, using their expertise to pinpoint usability issues and enhancement opportunities. This review is grounded in usability principles (heuristics) and the expert’s field knowledge, offering both problem identification and practical solutions.

Accessibility Audit

In this service, we evaluate your product’s accessibility to ensure it’s usable by people with a range of abilities. This includes checking color contrast, font sizes, keyboard navigation, and more. An accessible product is not only ethically right but also reaches a wider audience.

Content Audit to assess all content on a website, app, or digital platform.

In this service, we review your product’s content to ensure it’s clear, concise, and adds value to the user experience. Good content is key to user engagement and satisfaction.

Steps to reach insights with UX Audit

Conducting a successful UX (User Experience) audit involves a thorough review and analysis of how well your product or service aligns with the best UX principles.

The goal is to identify areas of improvement that can enhance the overall user experience. By addressing these areas, businesses can drive user engagement, increase satisfaction, and potentially boost conversion rates.

A UX audit often is not a one-time activity but a continuous journey of enhancement. We consistently review, learn, adapt, and review again, ensuring we stay in tune with the changing needs of your users and product.

Goal setting

We work closely with you to clearly define your UX audit goals, ensuring they align perfectly with your broader – future business objectives.

Key Metrics Identification

We help identify crucial metrics that align with your goals to provide measurable, actionable insights.

Design the Tests

We utilize tools and methods to collect and scrutinize data, pinpointing patterns, trends, and potential pain points.

User Research

We conduct comprehensive user research through surveys, interviews, and usability tests to obtain direct user feedback and deeper qualitative insights.

Interface Evaluation

Our team performs a meticulous heuristic evaluation of your interface, checking its adherence to established usability principles and identifying areas for improvement.

Competitive Analysis

We undertake a thorough analysis of your competitors’ UX strategies to glean valuable insights and identify potential opportunities for your product.

Findings Prioritization and Recommendations

We categorize the issues identified based on their impact on the user experience and your business goals, providing actionable recommendations.

Plan of Action Creation

Our team designs a detailed plan of action, outlining the steps needed to implement the recommended changes, complete with timelines and assigned responsibilities.

Gain deeper insights into your product through a UX Audit

Gain deeper insights into your product through a UX Audit. Let us help you uncover opportunities for enhancement and drive user satisfaction today!

Overcoming Shortcomings in UX audit

A UX audit uncovers usability issues and guides design enhancements, but it’s not a panacea. It won’t provide immediate fixes, guarantee user satisfaction, foresee trends, or cover all user scenarios. Recognizing its limitations is crucial for its effective use and planning subsequent steps.

A UX audit identifies the issues, but it does not implement the necessary changes to fix the problems. It merely highlights what needs to be addressed. To address this, you should have a dedicated team ready to act on the audit findings, making the necessary improvements and tweaks.

A UX audit identifies usability issues but doesn’t guarantee total user satisfaction due to varying preferences. Incorporating diverse feedback and usability tests, then iterating based on this input, is vital for effective improvement.

UX audits are based on existing designs, user behaviors, and problems. They do not show future design trends, technological advancements, or changing user needs. Overcoming this limitation requires continuous monitoring of industry trends and user behavior, as well as regularly scheduled UX audits.

Due to practical constraints, UX audits often focus on the majority of users and the most common use cases. This means that certain edge cases, or the needs of specific user groups, may not be fully considered. Overcoming this requires careful planning and diversity in user research.

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